T-shirt business and Rubeshen are grateful for Darren's Tip Jar

T-shirt business and Rubeshen are grateful for Darren's Tip Jar

More smiles in the KZN province at the end of the first week of Darren's Tip Jar. 

T-shirt business

Carol Ofori and Vic Naidoo

Carol called Sello, who is from the restaurant industry and has found himself in difficult times. Just as the President announced that restaurants can operate with limited capacity during Level 4 lockdown, the looting and destruction of KZN began, leaving Sello at home. 

Sello has worked for Mayfair Cafe in Durban North for eight years and is a favourite amongst the industry and many of his customers. Arianne Hayes-Hill nominated him and she had such amazing words of kindness to share about Sello. 

"He is a hard worker and nothing short of incredible for his eye for detail in serving people. Sello has battled since lockdown started and the industry closed way back in March 2020. The staff at Mayfair worked short hours/days when the industry opened and now he is faced with weeks of no pay. Sello is the sole breadwinner in his family of three. He has a daughter aged 3. He has been building a house with all his money he has earned (only tips over the past few months) and has no funds in reserve to provide food for his family, essentials for his small daughter and the likes of electricity etc. When I spoke to him last he had nothing to put food on the table and had approached some loan sharks to borrow money (we all know how bad that is!!). Life is incredibly hard for Sello being the sole breadwinner and I believe he deserves some help." 

He was super excited and even shared some screams of joy on-air when Carol told him that he would be getting a share of Darren's Tip Jar. 

Wikus Botma is a singer/songwriter and has been finding it tough as well. The pandemic has hit him hard and yet he still stays positive. He has been selling many of his possessions just to make ends meet and cover his living expenses. The salon owner who has nominated him said that she wishes she could do more for him but she too is also facing tough times with her salon. 

He received the news of getting his share of Darren's Tip Jar so humbly. 

Darren, Keri and Sky

The first week of Darren's Tip Jar has come to an end. We are so happy to have changed the lives of so many people in our province, especially following the multiple businesses that were torched during the looting this week. 

Today, Bhavik Chagan Budhia nominated his friend Rubeshen Moodley, who is an employee of his and unable to work for an income during this Level 4 lockdown. He has been working with him for the past five years. He is a single father who is willing to go the extra mile, but is struggling to make ends meet. 

We called Rubeshen and he was so emotional: 

Freelance costume designers in the film industry, Adriaan vander Westhuizen and Clinton, lost their home in Cape Town because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They now live in the basement of a house in Margate. They had recently started a T-shirt company called, Ablaze, where they sell cool funky shirts at markets. With the Level 4 lockdown, they remain without a source of income for themselves and their business.

We were able to uplift them with little contribution that made Clinton ecstatic:

We are always elated that the little we are doing for Darren's Decade with Lottoland.co.za is bringing joy to the people in our community. 


Main Image Courtesy: Pexels

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