A make-up artist and a travel consultant dip their hands in Darren's Tip Jar

A make-up artist and a travel consultant dip their hands in Darren's Tip Jar

Because he cannot put smiles on people's faces with beautiful make-up, we were able to put a smile on this make-up artist's face. 

Warren Killian

Carol Ofori and Vic Naidoo

Carol Ofori said that all these on-air moments with the Darren Tip Jar nominees pull at her heart strings, and the truth is we all feel it. Today, she called up Seth Johannes, who was nominated by Uvika Anandkumar. 

Seth is a tables dealer at the Suncoast Casino and has been finding it hard with the way things have changed in the entertainment industry. This is only Seth's second year working in the casino and he's only ever had two full salaries last year. 

"Shortly after Covid, the casino started to go on short time and closed and re-opened. Just when he thought things were back to normal he decided to take a car on his name and so forth and due to the current lock down situation the casino is closed and now he is really worried about even earning a salary this month. Seth is really hardworking and would really deserve this as a form of relief for this time." Uvika said. 

His voice cracked when he received the news from Carol on-air and we have to admit that it left us with a big lump in our throats. 

Today on Vic's show, Ashleigh, a vocalist, was nominated by Neill Jackson. 

"Ashleigh J has been hard hit with the restrictions of lock down, being a full time vocalist and entertaining at various restaurants through out Durban and surrounds with level 4 lockdown and no social gatherings. She has been hit hard financially. She never ceases to amaze me however as she grabbed the bull by the horns and utilised her social media following of 80k plus to conduct live streams and to maintain her passion for music and entertaining alive. 

"With the past week of unrest, she performed a gospel live stream which reached 1100 plus viewers live on her social platform. Being a very positive person who will never ask for help, I truly believe that this individual is worthy of a tip from Darren's Tip Jar."

Ashleigh's story leaves us feeling hopeful that we will all get through these tough times and rise up high. 

Darren, Keri and Sky

This Wednesday morning, we had the chance to make things beautiful for Warren Killian, a make-up artist, and Emma, who is a travel agent, all courtesy of Darren's Tip Jar and Lottoland.co.za. 

Warren was nominated by Patricia Manickum after he quit his call center job to pursue his passion for make-up last year. That was an unfortunate time for him to dive into entrepreneurship in that field as Level 5 lockdown in South Africa took over most of the year. 

He has been struggling trying to do online make-up lessons and odd event photoshoots here and there. Unfortunately, this is not enough to support him and his mother. Patricia shares that he is an extremely talented young man and has such a lot to offer, but the situation right now is so bleak and she hates to see him lose hope in his dream.

Here's how our call with Warren went: 

Kerry-Leigh Alcock nominated Emma, who is a mother to her little son's friend. 

Kerry-Leigh shares that Nathan is five years old and his mom, Emma, is in the tourism and travel industry. They have been taking a beating since the first lockdown began. 

Taking a look back at last year during Nathan's birthday party, she spoke to Emma who stated they were without income and tried very hard to make their son's birthday party happen, as it was something very special for him. About two weeks ago, she saw them again, and they are really in a bad place. 

Emma mentioned just as they were seeing a little light, the level 4 lockdown came in again and took away all their hope of recovery. 

"My heart bleeds for this family, as they are the most amazing little family with so much hope, yet every time they see a little light, it gets taken away from them. I am a mommy of two little angels and I can relate to how it feels not to be able to provide for your little human, it is the worst feeling on this planet," Kerry-Leigh shares. 

Emma is a beam of light and you can hear it through the phone. 

Take a listen: 

There are so many people to help in the world who need help. We are elated and honoured to share the little we have with the ones we are able to reach. 

Be sure to make your nomination for financial help for any businesses/entrepreneur/artist that has been hit hard by the pandemic.


Main Image Courtesy: @warrenkillian

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