Fathers get to feel special today, thanks to Darren's Tip Jar

Fathers get to feel special today, thanks to Darren's Tip Jar

Darren's Tip Jar had two different children who had each nominated their fathers. 

Isaac Darren's Tip Jar

Carol Ofori and Vic Naidoo

Fathers are definitely in the spotlight today, as Chloe Kisten decided to write a heartfelt nomination for her father, Nicholas Kisten. She left her dad stumped with her kind and moving nomination, check out her submission below:

"My name is Chloe . I am 15 years old . I am from Phoenix , Durban . I attend Greenbury Secondary School . I am nominating my father , Nicholas because for as long as I can remember he always worked and supported my siblings and I. These past few months have been incredibly difficult and stressful . Due to Covid-19 , my dad faced retrenchment at a company he had only spent a couple of years in where he was not registered for Pension Fund or UIF and walked out with nothing. The home we are currently staying in, we are renting.

"It has been extremely tough every month seeing my dad not being able to pay our rent. What hurts the most is as a student, I cannot assist my dad through this time. 

"On the 15\07\2021, my dad finally got a casual job. Just when we finally thought we were okay, our country went into an unrest. 13 trucks and 7 vans were burnt at his current employment. We don't know where we stand at this point, whether he will have a job. The stress has hit us again! When I heard about Darren's Tip Jar on ECR, I decided to nominate my dad. At this point I realized that every little bit helps to bring a bit of relief and to ease the stress of my dad's shoulder. Just to help us get through these hard times. Thank You Darren Maule and ECR !!!!!"

Jason du Randt was nominated by a family member from the United States of America. Jason has been unemployed since the pandemic hit and he works as a sound and lighting engineer for large events. 

"Jason loves his work. That means this time has been stressful not only financially but mentally and emotionally as well. I know he cant wait to get back to it, and money from Darrens Tip Jar would mean so much to Jason and his wife Jessica - and would help them get by." said Katie Cicerchi, his cousin-in-law.

Darren, Keri and Sky

We call today's segment of Darren's Tip Jar - "Father's Day", because the people nominated were both dads who were clueless about Darren's Tip Jar and their nominations. 

Braxton Lutchmiah nominated his dad, Isaac Lutchmaih, who delivers the daily newspaper to subscribers. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many papers have dropped in their area, thus resulting in major pay cuts as they get paid per copy sold. 

He is the breadwinner and works hard to provide for his family. He does not get days off and works 24/7.  Braxton shares that his dad has been working many years in this field and there were some instances while delivering the paper in the early parts of the morning he was hijacked and even stabbed for his vehicle. Isaac still pushes on every day regardless. 

This nomination made a beautiful blessed start to his day. Take a listen: 

Here is another dad - Jeremy Vandecar. At age 77, he calls himself the "oldest DJ in the world". He is a karaoke DJ in Johannesburg. 

His daughter, Shana Ashpole, nominated him, but was unavailable when we tried to call her earlier to connect her with her dad. 

Shana shared her dad earned a little pension but has hardly had any work since lockdown. He runs a professional karaoke setup at restaurants and bars. Many of the establishments have closed their doors and others feel that karaoke doesn’t work with curfew at 21:00. This has been his primary income. He feels like a complete failure as he cannot contribute anything and has very few working years left of his life. 

Have a listen to the charismatic man as we called him earlier this morning: 

We could not have had a better Tuesday morning sharing the little we can give from Darren's Tip Jar. 

Lottoland.co.za has made changing people's lives possible and we cannot thank them enough for these two weeks celebrating Darren's Decade. 

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