Darren's Tip Jar helps more South Africans out of their tough times

Darren's Tip Jar helps more South Africans out of their tough times

As we face some tough times in our province, we still find the strength to offer help to those that have been experiencing tough times in silence. 

Natural Nostalgia

Carol Ofori and Vic Naidoo

Cameron has his own Travel and Tourism company and has been experiencing some hard times due to the pandemic. He has had to get rid of some of his company vehicles and is left with one van now. He is falling behind on his vehicle payments and had to sell his home and move in with his in-laws. He is a father of three and uses his van to help the elderly who require transport to vaccination sites. He doesn't charge them anything and does it as a kind gesture. He was nominated by his childhood friend, Zulpha and it said a lot about the type of person he is. 

Jacques is a ballroom and Latin dance instructor and has been described as a hard working and talented individual. He moved from Durban to Lower South Coast four years ago and without any cash flow, attempted to get a dance studio off the ground. 

"Things were just starting to work and studio had begun to rise and then covid happened.  Since then it has been a struggle for him and currently he does not have funds for work and rent is already in arrears. I appeal to you to please consider him," said his nominator, Kathy.

Darren, Keri and Sky

Martin Kotze nominated Sarifa Jooste who feeds the hungry and never turns anyone away that's hungry. She was asked to leave work recently because they simply could afford to keep her anymore. She spent the little they gave her on half the rent to keep a roof over her head .

When Mark shared that she is currently simply walking door-to-door seeking employment - the team were truly touched at how the pandemic ha snot only taken lives but disrupted people's livelihoods. 

We also had Mark earlier today who nominated Kimberley Lomas and wrote this:

Kim runs Natural Nostalgia which offers flowers and decors and planning / styling for weddings. With all the weddings postponed Kimberley has been manning the ship with 4 employees. 

He also describe that Kim is trying desperately to keep the business going amongst loads of postponements - keeping the business open so that in the future they can make their clients dreams come true. With no work for over a year they have been offering weekly flower orders and trying to keep going. Adapting and trying to keep going amongst the chaos and uncertainty.

Have a listen to how grateful they were to be considered by their respective friends for Darren's Tip Jar 

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