Darren: "How do parents manage their children during matric exams?"

Darren: "How do parents manage their children during matric exams?"

'I want to know what moms and dads are feeding these matrics, as it's literally 'eat, sleep, study' now..."

Matric exams are going on full swing come November.
Matric exams are going on full swing come November. Image: Unsplash/ MChe Lee

As the calendar flips to the latter half of the year, South African students find themselves at the precipice of a significant milestone - the 2023 Matric Examinations

For many, this event signals the end of a long and arduous educational journey, and with it comes a wave of emotions ranging from excitement to stress.

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While we understand that the Independent Exam Board (IEB) exams for 2023 have already started, there are still National Senior Certificate (NSC) students who haven't started, as they start officially on the 30th of October. 

East Coast Breakfast host Darren Maule brought the conversation to the his co-hosts Sky Tshabalala and Carmen Reddy about how he has a daughter who has been telling him about the stress that matrics are going through. 

"My daughter was telling me the other day it's not just the kids, but even the parents who are stressing, they sometimes do not know what to do or how to help their child," says Darren. 

How do you study for exams?
How do you study for exams? Image: Unsplash/ Unseen Studio

According to the quality assurance body Umalusi, there are more than 920,000 candidates that are scheduled to write their matric exams this year. 

These candidates will write at 6,340 public schools and 550 private centres.

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It's perfectly normal for learners to experience a whirlwind of emotions as they approach their matric exams. 

Excitement, anxiety, and even a touch of apprehension are all common. Remember, this is a significant moment in your educational journey, and it's natural to feel a range of emotions.

Efficient time management is vital in this quest.

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By breaking down study sessions into manageable chunks, learners are able to cover a wide range of subjects without becoming overwhelmed. 

So the Breakfast team have suggested both parents and students approach exams like this:

  • Create a realistic schedule
  • Prioritise subjects
  • Incorporate breaks
  • Utilise study techniques 

As the East Coast Breakfast team, we would like to say good luck to all matriculants tackling their final exams this year.


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Main image attribution: Unsplash/ MChe Lee

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