This couple won R255-million and decided to share it all

This couple won R255-million and decided to share it all

Sharing your joy with family and friends gives one the most satisfying feeling ever.

Sharon and Nigel lottery
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What do you reckon you would spend your lottery win on?  Some will say a car, while some will build homes for their family or book  a flight somewhere out of the country to go think clearly and thoroughly about their next move. This couple did the unthinkable - and it is such a beautiful story. 

Sharon and Nigel Mather won a whopping £12.4-million lottery jackpot, which is R255-million in South Africa. The two kept their win a secret for the past 11 years. They won the money back in 2010.

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After privately celebrating their win together, hotel manager Nigel and council worker Sharon drew up a spreadsheet with the names of their nearest and dearest 30, and set about surprising them with cheques! What? Do you understand how thoughtful, selfless, and generous this is?

They shared with Manchester Evening News: "It was about helping the people close to us and not lying." 

Sharon also added that husband Nigel was sure to make an important point to their loved ones when handing over the cheques. 

"He said, 'Whatever we have given you' - because some we had maybe just met and just gave them a token - 'please don't look at it in reflection of what we have won, just think of what difference that money will make to you."

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Sharing is one of the purest forms of showing love. In a moment where they could have chosen to go about their lives and keep all the money for themselves, they chose the road less travelled. 

"We've got the rest of our lives to go but wanted to make a difference to as many lives as we could along the way," they continued sharing with Manchester Evening News. 

The couple say they made sure their sons - who were just three and one at the time of their win - "respect what people have got, never brag, and never show off".

The mum added: "We have always said we class it as a responsibility to have that amount of money and we want to do good with it and not waste it or blow it."

This couple is a blessing to all their family and friends. They may not even be aware of the magnitude of their gift, it's so special. 


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