President Cyril Ramaphosa's iPad panic

President Cyril Ramaphosa's iPad panic

The President's iPad trended on Twitter last night as it went missing right before he was supposed to make an address. 

Cyril Ramaphosa June '21

The entire country witnessed the President stand up to the podium with visible panic, calling for his iPad to be found on Tuesday in Cape Town where he was to make an important announcement. 

It quickly made it to Twitter where #iPad trended for a little while in South Africa. The President was in Cape Town visiting the city's port to address the media. 

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Unfortunately, without his iPad, it seemed he would not be making his keynote. He kept asking for it and finally concluded that it "had been stolen". 

"I'm waiting for my iPad. Somebody stole my iPad. Somebody decided that they want to dispossess me of my iPad, so I want that," Ramaphosa shared in a panic.

The audience chuckled and Ramaphosa started his speech moments later.

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South Africans and a few politicians took to Twitter to make light of the short-lived panic the 'missing iPad' had created.

It was quite apparent after they recovered the iPad that the President Cyril Ramaphosa relies solely on his iPad to make speeches and handle most official state-related issues. 

We can only be relieved it was found because it would have been another example of the state of our country. Things just go missing, thing just get stolen. Hmmm. 

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Bantu Holomisa also had something to say about the incident, linking it to the country's crime rate.

If you have not see the clip yet, here's the short scene of the President in a little bit of panic mode prior to finding 'The First iPad'.

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