Can children get infected with or transmit COVID-19? Prof Tulio de Oliveira provides insight

Can children get infected with or transmit COVID-19? Prof Tulio de Oliveira provides insight

While most COVID-19 infections have been diagnosed in adults, there have been cases where kids also get infected. In babies, the virus sometimes causes a mild illness and often causes no symptoms at all. Bioinformatician and virologist, Prof Tulio de Oliveira, was back again to answer your COVID-19 related questions.

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"The evidence says that young children are less likely to acquire COVID and if they acquire [the virus] they are less likely to develop symptoms and transmit it than an adult," Prof Tulio de Oliveira explains.

He further highlighted that a growing number of young people are contracting the virus and this may lead to the country not getting out of this pandemic as quickly as we'd like to.

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Other questions from the listeners included the relationship between asthmatic patients and their susceptibility to COVID-19, the new regulation about swimming in a pool but not the ocean (does Chlorine play a role here?), as well as a question about the number of days or hours the virus can remain infectious once it reaches surfaces.

For all of Prof Tulio de Oliveira's answers, listen to the podcast below:

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Professor Tulio de Oliveira also shared an engaging, informative series that addresses the urgent need for more information and training on COVID-19. With KRISP's medical and scientific knowledge and their creative communication, this video aims to help people adjust to a new way of life in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Take a look at the video below:

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