Breakfast delivered via helicopter for Last Kid Standing winner Jemimah

Breakfast delivered via helicopter for Last Kid Standing winner Jemimah

Sky and Keri delivered breakfast for the entire 4th grade at Whetstone Primary School on Friday morning with the ProSecure helicopter!

Breakfast for the Last Kid Standing Champion and her school Whetstone Primary
East Coast Radio

After the five-week long Spelling Bee Competition, we found our master-speller from Whetstone Primary School, Jemimah. Part of the R100,000 worth of prizes she won for winning Last Kid Standing included breakfast for her entire grade. 

We have been quiet for a little while, but it all happened on Friday, 11 June 2021.

The team did not want to deliver the food in a regular manner. That is when they thought back to a time when Jayshree from ECR Traffic reported from a helicopter, so they contacted the Chief Operating Officer hoping to score one. 

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This is how it went: 

They finalised this but had not notified Whetstone Primary School's Principal regarding their visit and more importantly, the form of transport they shall be arriving in. 

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It did not go so smoothly at first, but she eventually budged: 

When the day arrived, we started off our morning at 6am sharp at the Virginia Airport in Durban North with Jayshree there for traffic as well. 

While we were up in the sky, we had an unmatched view of the sunrise and the sea and the sky. It is was oh-so heavenly, if you ask us!  

If you want to be on a helicopter ride, hop on this video below. We shared the 20+ min helicopter journey from Virginia Airport to the moment we land at Whetstone Primary School on a Facebook Live. We saved it for those who were in traffic or at work already. 

Catch up on the adrenaline pumping stuff here: 

Darren called us to check how we were and mid-conversation, we realised we might have forgotten the food we were supposed to be taking: 

On arrival we had the most heartwarming welcome we have ever had anywhere. There were lots of cars from ProSecure parked on the side with lights. The kids were all waving their pom-poms and the screaming just elevated it, making it so prestigious, so warm. 

There were banners, posters, and boards welcoming us and it was just one joyful arrival and landing. 

We had a couple of performances planned for us by the different grades. 

Have a look at a few: 

Keri also had a huge announcement to make, a special gift from ProSecure to Whetstone Primary School. 

She also did her a special silent dance for the kids. Lol, you'll definitely love this. 

Our Last Kid Standing champion also had a chance to get on the nine-seater helicopter. 

And she rocked shotgun with her two trophies! 

On our way home, it was so fulfilling knowing that we had completed giving our deserving spelling bee champion her prizes. It was also such a beautiful experience to see the joy on everyone's faces - the students, the teachers, and Jemimah's parents. They were really happy to be represented so well by the lovely Jemimah in the Last Kid Standing Spelling Bee.

Here's another ride on the helicopter back home with us: 

At the end of it all, we arrived safely back at Virginia Airport. Huge thanks to Martin, our pilot, for flying us with so much grace. 

Martin pilot
East Coast Radio

We would also like to thank Whetstone Primary for their warmth and hospitality during our visit at the school. Every little sign, every poster - we appreciate everything. 

To Jemimah Elise Sampson, we hope you Google yourself one day and see the inspiration you had made during this time. Well done for making your parents, school, and community extremely proud by daring to spell the word 'personification'! It will all be remembered as a highlight of your time in this world. 

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Main Image Courtesy: East Coast Radio

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