Bob Mabena's ex-fiancée defends herself

Bob Mabena's ex-fiancée defends herself

The former SABC 1 presenter and businesswoman says she will not be policed or bullied.

Zandi and Bob Mabena

The country is still mourning the loss of radio legend Bob Khomotso Mabena who sadly passed away on Monday, 10 August 2020, at the age of 51.

Fans, politicians, colleagues and media personalities have been sharing their fond memories of 'The Jammer' - as he was affectionately known. One person who also shared her story is Zandisile Nhlapho, better known as Zandi Nhlapho, who is a former SABC 1 continuity presenter and businesswoman.

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Nhlapho is also the mother of one of Mabena's children, as they were once engaged to be married.

Taking to Instagram Nhlapho posted a picture of herself and the broadcast legend and wrote:

"The passion in this relationship, even way after we parted. We loved too hard & fought just as hard. You could literally cut passion with a knife. I didn’t know these pics existed. I wondered & asked where he got them from but then again, that was Bob for you. “I’m a nigga packed with surprises” he said. I wonder who the photographer was.

"I still can’t believe it, he’s really really gone?! Wow! 😭💔"

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Nhlapho's post set tongues wagging on social media as some users felt that it was insensitive towards Mabena's wife, Eucharist.

One Twitter user expressed her concern about the post and also wanted to know what her followers thought about it.

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In a thread of tweets, Nhlapho replied to the Twitter user; explaining to her that she will not be bullied into remembering Mabena in a way that suits anybody. She further explained that she was not, in any way, disrespectful towards Mrs Mabena and that she and Bob Mabena still communicated because of their daughter.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram/ZandisileNhlapho

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