Are your friends more successful than you?

Are your friends more successful than you?

Reality finally hits you when you're invited over to the house they own and you're still renting an apartment.

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Keri Miller had a rude awakening when she attended a friend's birthday dinner, only to find herself in a well-kept and put-together home. Nowhere similar to what she was expecting or owns herself.

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How often do we get together with friends only to have a conversation about how life is treating you and how well each of you is doing, but you're just sitting there stumped, because, well, you haven't quite reached their level yet. 

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Do you now feel like, 'Oh damn, I actually haven't accomplished much,' or maybe 'what am I doing wrong?'. 

It's a real dilemma that many people, so the way to work around it is to always remember that it's your own race, at your own pace.

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