Keri finally tells her friend it's time to leave

Keri finally tells her friend it's time to leave

She did it! She asked her friend to leave after an extended visit... via email.

Leaving for the arirport
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Take a listen to how Keri told her friend it's time to leave.

On Tuesday, Keri shared her story of her friend who came over to visit for what was supposed to be a few days, but turned into two weeks.

As a way to figure out the situation, Keri turned to KZN for advice.

The advice from listeners ranged from charging her rent and changing the locks to simply throwing her things out.

Darren and Sky, however, took a more diplomatic route and suggested writing her a letter.

And Keri did exactly that! She wrote her a very nice letter:

Keri's letter to her friend

'Tatum' will now be heading back to Cape Town and Keri can go back to using her gluten-free conditioner for the actual hair on her head. 

We think Keri did really well given the circumstances - as these sorts of situations are never easy. We hope these two still remain besties!

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