Twitter is suspending users whose tweets contain "M-word"

Twitter is suspending users whose tweets contain "M-word"

Twitter doesn't want to know if you, or Cher, might be walking in this city...

TWitter Memphis

The safety protocols of social media platforms have been questioned and criticised, with many making quite significant changes in the last few years in an attempt to fight cyberbullying and other forms of hate speech on the internet.

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As a result, many of these sites have permanently removed certain users from their platforms.

Most recently - and probably the most noteworthy, was Twitter's suspension of former US President Donald Trump.

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But users have been left confused after they noticed a strange behaviour on Twitter.

There are certain words that most of us would clearly classify as offensive or hurtful, rude etc. but users have been left feeling very confused as they realised that Twitter was automatically suspending any account that was using a certain M-word.

That word is Memphis.

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A large group of users had come to this realisation after they saw that their posts had been removed immediately and their accounts had been blocked for sharing the word!

Others have decided to take the risk and tweet the word only to be met with a message informing them that they have now been locked out of their account for a whole 12 hours.

The football club, Olympique Lyonnais, even joined in on the fun by asking Twitter about Dutch midfielder Memphis Depay:

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While everyone was left with a lot of questions, Twitter took their time to respond.

Finally, they addressed the situation, but we are still not clear on the details:

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Twitter has now corrected the error and you are once again free to use the word Memphis as many times and for whatever reason you see fit.

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