Dog reunited with owners 22 months after going missing

Dog reunited with owners 22 months after going missing

The family is thrilled to welcome Peanut back home after disappearing close to two years ago.


It’s true what they say - pets do become part of the family. Their unconditional love is a source of comfort for many so, understandably, when something happens to our furry friends, we panic. This is exactly what happened to the family of Peanut the Jack Russell.

According to Rusty’s Rescues CPT, Peanut was terrified one stormy evening in Cape Town and he made a run for it, after the storm caused quite a bit of damage to the family home, resulting in the boundary wall coming down.

After discovering that Peanut had run away in a panic, the family quickly started searching for their beloved pooch and spent weeks following every lead and checking every shelter hoping he turned up.

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This was 22 months ago and while the family never lost hope, chances of reuniting with their dog seemed slim. This was until a few weeks ago when someone spotted a dog matching Peanut’s description at an industrial site.


“We received a tip-off recently that a little dog matching his description was seen on a large industrial site. He’d apparently been there for ages and although he kept himself well hidden and wouldn’t allow anyone near him, he was being fed and somehow managed to create a little world for himself and survive against all odds,” Rusty’s Rescue CPT said in a statement. “As soon as his owner was notified and identified him from photos taken by workers on site, a rescue operation was organised.”

Rusty’s Rescue CPT is a voluntary community dog rescue service based in Milnerton, Cape Town that rescues, fosters and networks for animals in the area.

The organisation says that they set up a trap to catch the dog. Nervous of even his own family, it took the organisation two days to catch Peanut.

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After a visit to the vet for a full health check, Peanut was treated to a bath and a delicious meal before reuniting with the family. Devastated when Peanut ran away, the family’s 14-year-old son was overjoyed to be reunited with his dog. The family waited to surprise their son with Peanut so, naturally, he was overjoyed to arrive home from school to find his dog had returned home.

Image courtesy: Rusty’s Rescue CPT

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