Sky says you look nice today

Sky says 'you look nice today'!

Hello Class, it's your favourite teacher Sky here! This week in 'Khuluma Nathi' we learned how to be nice to one another with the phrase, "You look nice today". Have you tried this one out yet? If so, I want to know the responses you received.

Khuluma Nathi with Sky Tshabalala

Who doesn't enjoy a compliment, right? So this week, in Khuluma Nathi, I took you through how to pay a very nice compliment. Here's how to say:  'You look nice today' in isiZulu. Listen below.

If that compliment goes down well, here's another useful isiZulu phrase that will connect you a little more. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp are all our mediums of communication. Here's how to ask someone if they are on social media in isiZulu...

Finally, let's end it off with another useful sentence to know in isiZulu. 'It was nice talking to you' is the perfect line to round things off. I like being polite to people!

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Please practice all your isiZulu phrases and let the team know how you're getting on in the comments below!

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