#5Things: Tropical storm warnings, Minister Mthembu's passing, Bigfoot, and more

#5Things: Tropical storm warnings, Minister Mthembu's passing, Bigfoot, and more

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Eloise tropical storm

1. Netflix confirms Shuffle Play feature will officially launch this year

Last year, Netflix was spotted testing the 'Shuffle Play' feature and has now announced that it will be launching this feature this year. Shuffle Play has worked by picking content based on your viewing history, helping you avoid feeling overwhelmed by Netflix’s home screen full of content.

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2. Tropical Storm Eloise upgraded to severe, will affect parts of KZN

The eThekwini municipality is not taking any chances, warning people to brace for possible heavy downpours as a result of a tropical storm which could move into SA by Sunday. 

More details here.

3. Minister Jackson Mthembu succumbs to COVID-19 complications

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Thursday that Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu had died of COVID-19-related complications. He was 62 years old. The minister tested positive for COVID-19 on January 11 after showing some symptoms.

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4. Italian police find stolen copy of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi'

Italian police have found a 500-year-old copy of Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi in a Naples flat and returned it to a church that had no idea it had been stolen. It is a copy of Leonardo's famous work that in 2017 became the most expensive painting ever sold. Nobody had reported it missing.

Stolen copy of Leonardo 'Salvator Mundi'

5. A group of Canadians spotted a Bigfoot footptint

A Canadian newspaper, The Star, reported this week that a strange creature resembling Bigfoot scared the inhabitants of the Canadian province of British Columbia. According to the head of Bigfoot Field Research Group and the host of the program 'Finding Bigfoot' on Animal Planet, Matt Moneymaker, a fake or a prank is out of the question. The creature was spotted by four friends driving on Christmas Day 2020

Bigfoot footprint

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