#5Things: Joe Biden inauguration, relation between cats and cancer, Lighthouse repairs, and more

#5Things: Joe Biden inauguration, relation between cats and cancer, Lighthouse repairs, and more

Allow Darren, Keri, and Sky to keep you in the loop this Wednesday.

President-elect Joe Biden  - AFP

1. Joe Biden will become the President of America today 

It’s Inauguration day in the USA. Stay tuned for a detailed analysis after 08:00 this morning

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2. Parasite found in cat poop may be linked to rare brain cancer

Research published this week in the International Journal of Cancer shows that people with glioma, a type of brain cancer, are more likely to have been infected by the cat poop parasites known as Toxoplasma gondii than people without the cancer. The results are a promising first step on a path to reduce people’s risk of developing glioma.

3. Joe Exotic has a limousine on standby near prison as he waits for a last-minute presidential pardon

Joe Exotic, 'The Tiger King' star who is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence after being convicted on a list of felonies, believes he will be the recipient of one of the 100 pardons outgoing President Donald Trump is expected to issue on his last day in office. He has a limo waiting outside of the prison.

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4. Umhlanga lighthouse is getting renovated

Renovations are under way at Durban's iconic lighthouse in the Umhlanga area after it sustained minor damage during a storm on Friday afternoon. Residents are warned to avoid the area while the repairs are completed.

5. A SpaceX video game could become a reality after Elon Musk gave a developer the go-ahead to use the company's name

A SpaceX video game could soon be on the cards. Layabout Vladimirov, an independent game developer, tweeted SpaceX founder Musk more than 150 times over the past year, asking permission to use the company's name and logos. Elon finally replied saying that the developer can probably use their name and logos without being sued.

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