#5Things: Biden's winning moment, pranksters mock Trump, serial killer in Empangeni, and more

#5Things: Biden's winning moment, pranksters mock Trump, serial killer in Empangeni, and more

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Joe Biden granddaughter shares pic of winning moment

1. Joe Biden's granddaughter shares picture of moment he won election

Joe Biden’s eldest granddaughter, Naomi Biden, has shared a touching photograph of the moment the family found out he had won the 2020 US Election. As reported by CNN, a campaign source has said that it was in fact Biden’s grandchildren who told him that the race had been called in his favour.

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2. Pranksters use election fraud hotline to mock Trump

ABC News reported that an election fraud hotline set up by the Trump campaign is being deluged by pranksters mocking the US president over his election defeat. The hotline was set up last week in an attempt to substantiate Trump's claims the election was being rigged, as vote counts and defeats in key states showed power slipping away from him. 

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3. Clover introduces new polony-flavoured processed cheese

Clover’s latest creation to hit the supermarket shelves is polony-flavoured cheese. The new product is described as: “The 2-in-1 slice! It’s the great taste of both cheese and polony in one cheese slice!" This sandwich-bread alternative is designed to be “the perfect polony replacement for your kotas, vetkoeke and sandwiches”, and it has South Africans on social media divided.

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4. Growing concerns of a serial killer in Empangeni as more women go missing

Could there be a serial killer roaming the streets of Empangeni and surrounding areas in northern KwaZulu-Natal? At least five women aged between 20 and 30 have gone missing in the past three months in what a police source believes could be the return of a serial killer. Colonel Thembeka Mbele, KZN police spokesperson, confirmed that four women were reported missing within the Empangeni policing area during the past month.

5. 119 tarantulas found inside shoes

Airport Customs officials in the Philippines seized over a hundred tarantulas. If that doesn't make you cringe, wait for part 2: According to their official Facebook page, the spiders were discovered in a pair of shoes! Illegal tarantula trade is a known corner of the black market in wildlife, which is a multibillion-dollar industry.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/People

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