What's for lunch? Polony-flavoured cheese anyone?

What's for lunch? Polony-flavoured cheese anyone?

As if 2020 could not get any weirder, there is a new product on the market and we are not sure how to feel about it...

Polony cheese
Source: Clover website

Clover is introducing new polony-flavoured processed cheese slices into the market. According to Clover, the 2 in 1 slice promises to bring the great taste of cheese and polony in one cheese slice. Consumers will pay for one and get the great taste of two as the slogan says, 'More Nice, Less Price'. 

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Clover says the polony is perfect for firm South African favourites like kotas, sandwiches, and amagwinyas. It seems the news of this new product has been met with some, shall we say, mixed reviews...

Twitter user @Clayone summed it up well for us when he shared the news with this caption, 'What in the name of 2020 is this?'

For some social media users it was not so much the flavoured polony, but the packaging which they found to be offensive. 

Have you spotted the new 2 in 1 polony flavoured cheese? If not would you be willing to try it out? 

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