#5Things: Closure of Musica, anal swabs, Darren and Anna on cover of magazine, and more

#5Things: Closure of Musica, anal swabs, Darren and Anna on cover of magazine, and more

It's FriYAY, so start your morning the right way with #5Things.

Darren and Anna

1. Musica to shut its doors in May

On Thursday, Clicks Group announced it had decided to close its Musica entertainment business due to the shift to digital consumption of music, movies, and games, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The closure of the once-popular retailer comes after 29 years of operation, with its first store having opened its doors in 1992. 

The full story is available here.

2. Selena Gomez to release first-ever Spanish EP

Selena Gomez has officially announced that her first-ever Spanish-language EP is set to drop March 12. Titled, 'Revelación (Revelation)', news of the EP comes a day after Gomez announced the Tainy-produced 'Baila Conmigo'. She shared a photo on social media that shows her rocking her shoulder-length hair and a fitted dress with a red-orange spotlight.

3. China rolls out anal swab COVID-19 test

Cities in China are now using anal swabs to test for COVID-19 infections. A new study shows virus traces in faecal samples could remain detectable for a longer time and provide more accurate test results. If you thought the nose/throat swab was uncomfortable OR if you are one of those people who said the government can take their test and shove it - there you go!

4. Man survives crocodile attack 

An Australian man survived a crocodile attack in Queensland in Lake Placid (just like the movie!). Apparently, he survived by forcing the crocodile off his head by prizing open its jaws with his bare hands - the most Australian thing ever! 

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5. Darren and Anna grace the cover of Get It magazine 

Darren and Anna on the cover of Get It magazine, available from 8AM! Watch the socials to see what it looks like. 

Darren and Anna cover of get it

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