10 tips to win R10 000 in Darren Maule's Quick Quiz

10 tips to win R10 000 in Darren Maule's Quick Quiz

How to win Darren Maule's Quick Quiz 

Darren Maule's quick quiz R10 000
Darren Maule's quick quiz R10 000/ ECR

This could be your shot at winning the converted Darren Maule’s Quick Quiz. 

R10 000 could be yours all you have to do is follow this guide: 

  • Whatsapp ‘Quiz’ your name to +27 61 792 9495 
  • Get 5/5 questions right in under 30 seconds 
  • Just like that, the moola could be yours

Mike V who is on the mic on East Coast Breakfast this week has shared some top tips that may fast-track your way to a mega win: 


Make sure to tune in everyday before 7:10am. Our ECR jocks may be dropping some hot tips that will land you a win in the quick quiz. 

2. Stay up to date 

Knowing your latest news and what’s buzzing around the province will aid in nailing those questions in Darren Maule’s Quick Quiz. Keeping your eyes peeled to www.ecr.co.za will help 

3. Stay Calm 

Keeping your cool can help. While you only have 30 seconds to answer all questions, collecting your thoughts on some tricky questions is the winning secret. 

4. Trust your instincts

Sometimes your first guess is the right one. Listen to your gut.

5. Practice speed 

Practice makes perfect. Getting a buddy to ask you some questions will land you in the winning seat. Quiz along with us everyday at 7:10am.

6. Prioritise

Stumped on a question? Circle back to it at the end of the quiz when you have had time to think about it. 

7. Limit distractions 

Driving? Pull over or catch a lift that day. Busy at work? Take a 5 minute break. Your boss will understand. All jokes aside, focusing on the quiz will go a long way. 

8. Have your phone on standby 

The thing about radio quizzes are that they are quick. Having your phone ready to go will mean that when ECR calls, you can answer.


9. Engage with social media 

Follow East Coast Breakfast on social media for hints, sneak peeks or even bonus questions that might appear on-air.

Follow us on social media: 

10.Try and try again 

Did you happen to get some incorrectly? Well lucky for you, the opportunity to win is endless. You can enter Darren Maule’s Quick Quiz again. Learn from your mistakes and give it another go. 

Darren Maule's Quick Quiz
Darren Maule's Quick Quiz / ECR

So there you have it folks, these are the top secret tips that will help you win a whopping R10 000 tomorrow. 

Make sure to tune in and catch Mike V on your airwaves tomorrow at 7:10 am


  1. Listen to East Coast Radio on the FM (frequency modulation) spectrum between 94 and 95 FM on your radio.
  2. Listen live to ECR by clicking here or download the ECR App (iOS/Android).
  3. Listen to East Coast Radio on the DStv audio bouquet, channel 836. 
  4. Switch to the audio bouquet on your Openview decoder and browse to channel 606
  5. Listen to us on Amazon Alexa

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