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News: Lesotho military seize control of police headquarters
Lesotho's military seized control of the tiny African kingdom's police headquarters and jammed radio stations and phones in the early hours today.
Road officials are on high alert as a cold front closes in on KwaZulu-Natal this weekend, bringing with it unfavourable weather conditions.
The co-operative governance and traditional affairs department has dismissed rumours that it is considering placing the Mpofana municipality under administration.
Roughly 200-homes have been destroyed in a blaze that ripped through the Jika Joe informal settlement in Pietermaritzburg this afternoon.
The price of petrol will drop dramatically next Wednesday by 67-cents a litre.
About Town: What's on in Durban this weekend
The weather is looking shocking for this weekend in Durban so you’ll definitely want to be planning some indoor activities!
If I see one more Ice Bucket Challenge on my timeline, I will personally ship all challengers to Iceland. Let's see how they like that. Put your money where you bucket is, wannabes.
Over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! We asked the experts at Satin Candy for their tips on how to find the perfect fit. Plus, stand to win three bras as well as a private fitting for you and your friends from Satin Candy.
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It’s The Traffic Guy’s birthday today, and he has more than one reason to celebrate. He has 30!
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Beyonce put divorce rumours to rest during her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards in a major way. But are fans convinced?
Nicki Minaj - Anaconda (Fart Remix)
Derick Watts and The Sunday Blues got their hands on Nicki Minja’s Anaconda video and reinvented it! This might make you feel a bit uncomfortable but it’s the most hilarious thing you’ll watch all day!
Darren and the Breakfast team are shocked and horrified following the news that a nine-year old American girl shot and killed a gun instructor by mistake. Is it time the US rethinks its gun laws?
Shauwn Mpisane sat down with Zaba to discuss everything from her life as a businesswoman to philanthropy, family... and her twerking skills.
It would be safe to say that most of us have a road trip mix of music on a CD or flash drive that comes out when we hit the long road. We sing along. This couple will astound you. They sing - in sign language!
Check out the outrageous, daring and downright crazy outfits that some of your favourite musicians and celebs wore to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.
Do gambling and shopping mix?
Darren was talking about how some shopping centres are applying to have small gambling shops, so he sent Kevin Minter-Brown out to gamble for shopper's groceries.
Near-misses that will take your breath away! Take a look at this unexpected truck crashing into a Johannesburg bridge near The Glen shopping centre!
Darren gets into the boxing ring with The White Buffalo and a mystery opponent, The Secret Assassin at Fight Night held at the SMD Ballito Group.
The Drive Team was challenged by East Coast Breakfast to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Remember when Darren rocked up at the 2014 Tour Durban on a tandem with a professional cyclist? Well, the score is now: The Drive Team 1 - 1 East Coast Breakfast!
When Darren was challenged by Jacaranda FM in the Ice Bucket Challenge, he had a ridiculous request - check out which local superstars showed up to drench the breakfast show host!
Sonia Sedibe's divorce dilemma
Andre Neveling dishes the gossip on Sonia Sedibe's divorce.
Google SA has revealed its list of the divas whose names were on people’s minds this month of August.
Dave has a heavy heart and decided to confess his hidden secrets with a priest… Sometimes things are just better left unsaid Dave!
The South African police services are changing their name but in a cost saving measure will keep the acronym SAPS except now it means… All revealed in today’s Mauling News
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During their vacation, and while they were visiting Jerusalem, Dave's mother-in-law died! Find out why Dave was so adamant to get his mother-in-law's body back to South Africa
Music Blog: The best and worst VMA looks
Check out the outrageous, daring and downright crazy outfits that some of your favourite musicians and celebs wore to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.
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We didn’t think Miley Cyrus could better her jaw-dropping performance at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards…but she might have done just that.
Idols SA unveiled its top 16 contestants on Sunday night.
Music Blog: 2014 MTV VMAs Winners
It was Beyonce's night in more ways than one. Queen Bey scooped a total of four awards at Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards, including the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. See the full list of winners here.
It's a song that is seriously unexpected from Taylor Swift, but the music video is even MORE unexpected!
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