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News: Police foil Folweni robbery plan
Three people are in police custody after being arrested yesterday for allegedly planning to commit a business robbery in the Folweni area, south of Durban.
Residents from the Glenwood and surrounding areas can expect further power cuts in the coming days as eThekwini technicians battle to repair aging infrastructure.
Two people have been killed and 17 others hurt in an accident on the R56 between Richmond and Ixopo in the KZN Midlands.
There’s a new scam doing the rounds involving pre-paid electricity meters.
Durban harbour has seen few anglers recently, but the few anglers to set out have caught some very nice fish.
Lifestyle: What is hot in our city?
If you would like the low down on what is hot in our city for this weekend, look no further!
Celebrating the release of Captain America - The Winter Soldier on DVD and Blu-ray, we’re giving you the chance to win your own copy of the movie on Blu-ray.
Idols SA hopefuls will have to wait until Sunday to find out who will be going home. In the meantime, we can certainly tell you who we think is not in danger and who is.
Thank you for making #FlipFlopFriday so flip flopping amazing! Take a look at a few of our favourite photos from the thousands that were tweeted at us.
We love you Queen Bey, but just say 'no' to the fake thigh gap.
Why men should reclaim the 'F' word
In this opinion piece, seventeen-year-old Nicholas Farrell calls for us to reclaim the 'f' word - feminism - and says schools need to start educating us with a feminist agenda.
Hunger Games fans, this is for you! Check out the full length trailer of the next installment of the hit flick! Darren Maule is super excited about the movie.
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The day dedicated to our feet crept up on us like summer weather in spring! Are you also rushing to get those tootsies in pristine condition for #FlipFlopFriday? Don’t worry, Natarah’s got some fabulous tips for you…
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If we were to compile a list of 10 South Africans with whom we'd like to have lunch, Olympic swimming superhero Chad le Clos would definitely be on it. He was also on Nicola Walker's list. Well, it all came true!
Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice's battered wife has hit out at the media and the public, saying the couple is being made to relive a moment "that we regret every day".
Gabriel finds the eccentric hobo
After relaying a funny story to the East Coast Breakfast team, Gabriel was tasked with finding the eccentric hobo in Umhlanga that had him tickled pink over the weekend
While boasting about our new coffee machine and delicious coffee from The Coffee Co, Darren heads to the kitchen DURING his show to whip up a cuppa, and nearly doesn't make it back in time!
East Coast Breakfast fan storms radio show only to be seriously disappointed!
East Coast Breakfast team got women to volunteer their husbands with bad feet for an 'on-air' pedicure at the studios. These feet needed help before #FlipFlopFriday Watch the transformation unfold before your eyes
At a recent live broadcast at DUT by East Coast Radio's Zaba, Darren Maule sent his stuntman to see if he could shake things up. What on earth is he doing in the bushes?
Dave meets a blondie from the bluff
Find out why Dave’s adventures on the Bluff are always short-lived.
The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates was cancelled as 6 delegates pulled out in protest of the Dalai Lama being denied entry to SA. Hmm yeah, the problem with peace is that it doesn't make you a lot of money
You can't keep Dave's grandma in the dark; she WILL get the answers she wants!
Darren’s satirical take on whatever is making news headlines!
Dave makes no bones about breaking bones
Music Blog: Lorde’s new song for The Hunger Games
Lorde has just released a new song, Yellow Flicker Beat, the title track for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. Take a listen to it here.
New kids on the Durban block, Yorke, came to chat to Abi Ray on The Pulse this week.
Miami rapper Pitbull has released the new music video for his latest single "Fireball," where he travels to a fun-filled Havana night club only to fall in love with a woman who feels quite reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit.
Toya Delazy's 2010 album, Due Drop, was one of South Africa's biggest albums. And with the release of her new single, Forbidden Fruit, we can expect another successful album on the cards.
Music Blog: Martin PK is back!
South African singer, songwriter, actor and TV presenter Martin PK has returned to his musical roots after a two-year break from the spotlight, to release his brand new single 'Bright Lights'.
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