10 things you didn't know about Prince

10 things you didn't know about Prince

Prince was quite a mysterious phenomenon and here are some of the things most people did not know about the music icon.

10 things you did not know about prince
Prince's most famous film work was 1984's "Purple Rain," but he also directed two movies of his own.

He directed and starred in 1986's "Under the Cherry Moon" and in 1990, he wrote, directed and starred in an unofficial sequel to "Purple Rain" called "Graffiti Bridge."

"Under the Cherry Moon"

"Graffiti Bridge"

Prince - purple rain
Prince won an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Prince won an Oscar for the original score of "Purple Rain" also his original tune "The Song of the Heart" for the movie "Happy Feet" won him a Golden Globe. 

Happy Feet is © Warner Bros - Heart song

He wrote the entire soundtrack to 1989's Tim Burtan movie "Batman."

Batman 1989 Logo

Prince wrote hit songs for other artists including the Bangles, Stevie Nicks and Madonna, and sienaed o'Conner.

Prince wrote a long list of songs that were performed by other artists including Madonna's "Love Song," and the Bangles' "Manic Monday".

Prince wrote and performed all his songs.

Here's a peak at the legends music - Purple Rain - as he performed during downpour | Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show | NFLin 2007

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