Woman tracks her lost luggage back to airport staff worker

Woman tracks her lost luggage back to airport staff worker

This is just one of the smart parts of having a smart watch...

Woman actively using the technology on her smart watch
Woman actively using the technology on her smart watch/iStock/@DoganKutukcu

Travelling means you have to pack appropriately depending on your destination. 

However, only some people pack their bags thinking their items may need recovery. A woman who didn't leave things to chance tracked her bag using her smartwatch

Her story was more intriguing than one might imagine. 

Paola Garcia, a passenger of Spirit Airlines operating out of the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America, was forced to check her luggage when she boarded her flight in March 2024. 

Sadly, she did not reunite with her luggage at the carousel. Garcia needed her laptop that was in her bag for lectures and after waiting for at least two hours, she was told that her luggage would be sent to her house. 

It seems technology was the hero in this story as her Apple watch notified her that her luggage was not at her house, but at another location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  

"Because she needed her computer for a test that day, Garcia decided to visit the address, where she says she saw suitcases 'everywhere' on the property. She took video of the luggage and called 911." (People)

Garcia had discovered something more profound than just one missing bag. Junior Bazile, a 29-year-old man who worked at a company that operates retail stores at the airport, was charged with grand theft. 

Some of the stolen items from Garcia's bag included an Apple MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, jewellery, high-end women’s clothing, and toiletries. 

Watch the news report below, courtesy of YouTube

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Image Courtesy of iStock/DoganKutukcu


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