MrBeast becomes first YouTuber with 300-million subscribers

MrBeast becomes first YouTuber with 300-million subscribers

If you are interested in becoming an online personality, you could learn something from this beast of a man, MrBeast. 

MrBeast poses in front of the houses he helped build
MrBeast poses in front of the houses he helped build/Instagram Screenshot/@mrbeast

MrBeast, the American YouTuber who is also an online personality, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, has made history by reaching 300-million subscribers on YouTube. 

The 26-year-old James Stephen "Jimmy" Donaldson, aka MrBeast, is known for his out-of-this-world online giveaways and kind gestures. 

He recently gave away 26 Teslas in celebration of his 26th birthday. He also built 100 homes for 100 families who were living in unsafe homes in countries like Jamaica, El Salvador, and Argentina. 

Check out the video below from YouTube

"On June 1 MrBeast surpassed T-Series, securing his position as the most-subscribed YouTube channel. Since then, his subscriber count has continued to soar." (Hindustan Times)

Yesterday, on 10 July, he tweeted the below reminiscing when he had just 300 subscribers eleven years ago. 

Don't laugh it off when a kid comes to you telling you of their dream to become an online personality; look at MrBeast. Where he began and where he is today. 

His growth (not only in social media statistics but also in the number of people he has helped) is remarkable. MrBeast making history is a good reminder that you can do what you set out to do...

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