MrBeast builds 100 wells in Africa - "You're gonna love this video"

MrBeast builds 100 wells in Africa - "You're gonna love this video"

"The internet definitely made the right person famous" - social media users react to MrBeast's latest video as Africa get access to fresh water. 

MrBeast travels to Africa to build 100 wells
MrBeast travels to Africa to build 100 wells/ YouTube (MrBeast)

MrBeast is receiving major praise for his latest act of kindness. The 25-year-old content creator travelled to Africa to build 100 wells. 

MrBeast, whose real name is James Donaldson, shared a video of himself carrying out the massive task on his YouTube page.

The video - which was shared on Saturday, November 4 - has already amassed more than 50-million views. 

The 10-minute footage starts with MrBeast visiting a village in Kenya to build the first of 100 wells. 

"One down, 99 more wells to go. You are going to love this video," MrBeast says.

The wells will provide around 500,000 people with fresh drinking water. MrBeast travelled to several countries including Cameroon, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Somalia. 

It took him and his team eight months to complete the project. 

MrBeast's fans have applauded him for using his platform to do good. 

"The internet definitely made the right person famous. Doing what local governments are too corrupt and inept to do. Keep crushing it Jimmy," one YouTube user wrote.

Another user added: "This man deserves an award for all the kindness he puts in the world!!"


But no good deed goes unpunished. While many thanked MrBeast for making the world a better place for those less fortunate, some criticised him for recording his good deed on camera. 

"The question is would you have built those 100 wells in "Africa" (the 2nd largest continent on the planet- great specificity), if you didn't have cameras around you and couldn't tell a soul about it?" one X (Twitter) user wrote.

Another user added: "We live in a hell where YouTubers build wells in Africa for content and we’re expected to be happy about it."

However, MrBeast, who earned a whopping $54-million in 2021 (R988-million), is unfazed by the naysayers. 

"I already know I’m gonna get canceled because I uploaded a video helping people, and to be 100% clear, I don’t care. I’m always going to use my channel to help people and try to inspire my audience to do the same," he tweeted. 

MrBeast Net Worth

MrBeast was recently named the highest-earning digital content creator of 2023. He pulled in a massive $82-million, putting him at the top of Forbes' 'Top Creators 2023' list. 

"With more than 300 million followers, MrBeast’s fan base is nearly as large as the U.S. population. MrBeast’s power and popularity stem from his high production videos and stunts that include surviving in Antarctica for 50 hours and building a Wonka chocolate factory," Forbes wrote. 

MrBeast is more than a content creator. He is also a business owner. He has a restaurant chain called MrBeast Burgers, and a successful merch range. 

He also launched his famous Feastables chocolates at Game stores in South Africa a few weeks ago. 

MrBeast's earnings for 2023 are more than double that of the person in the #2 spot. 

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, brought in $24-million. 

The video gamer-turned-rapper and boxer was in the top five in 2022. He is also famous for being the face of Prime Hydration with his pal Logan Paul.


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Main image credit: YouTube/Mr Beast

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