Motorist stops to help ducks cross the road

Motorist stops to help ducks cross the road

This is the cutest thing...

A woman helps ducks cross the road on a busy road in Canada
A woman helps ducks cross the road on a busy road in Canada/TikTok Screenshot/@mullercourtney

Seeing ducks in parks and near marshy areas with lakes is not uncommon for us in Durban

Even though many of us get to see it, we can still get excited about it. However, what some people forget about these quackery quack birds is that they can attack if they feel threatened. 

We bet you don't hear the 'Five Little Ducks' song when they run after you, wide-winged and squawking...

One woman braved it all in Canada when she jumped out of her vehicle and helped a flock of ducks. The flock were crossing what looked like a busy road in Canada and traffic started to build up. 

But she took it upon herself to be the good Samaritan and help them cross the road faster and safely. 

She shushed them and ran behind them, which caused them to hurry along to the other side of the road where it was revealed that there was a pond. 

It was the cutest yet most dangerous thing we have seen in a while. 

Watch the video from TikTok

@mullercourtney working late getting canada geese to cross the road on canada day #fyp #goose ♬ espresso sabrina - celebs media

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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