Homeless woman lives inside a supermarket sign for a year

Homeless woman lives inside a supermarket sign for a year

It seems the woman had a job but didn't have a place to stay, so she found a home in the supermarket's rooftop sign. 

A large supermarket sign in Michigan USA
A large supermarket sign in Michigan USA/YouTube Screenshot/@CBSChicago

We cannot imagine what it must feel like to not have a place to call home. 

It's fair to say that no one willingly enters homelessness. Sometimes, life just happens... 

A story of a woman who found herself in a tough spot found her living inside a supermarket store rooftop sign. The supermarket, Family Fare, has a sign in the shape of an 'A' frame house, so we guess it was the perfect fit. 

The 34-year-old woman from the US was found living inside a supermarket sign in April this year. 

"On April 23, contractors discovered an extension cord on the roof of the building and were able to trace it to an enclosed area inside the sign. According to the Midland Police Department, there was a mini desk, flooring, a pantry of food, and a house plant in the makeshift residence." (6abc)'

Even though no charges were filed against the woman, who was said to have apologised, she refused assistance in finding alternate housing. Ironically, the woman had a job and had furnished her 'makeshift' home with some of her belongings. 

Watch the news report of the incident below, courtesy of YouTube.

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Image Courtesy of YouTube

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