Homeless people denied human rights: National Homeless Network

Homeless people denied human rights: National Homeless Network

A group caring for the homeless says those without a roof over their head have little to celebrate on Freedom Day.


Today marks exactly 30 years since South Africa’s first free and fair elections in 1994.

The National Homeless Network says three decades into democracy, many homeless people don't have access to basic human rights such as an identity document. 

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Simphiwe Khoza, an activist from the network, says homeless people also deserve a seat at the table: 

"There is a stigma against them, and people do not understand that are also a part of civil society. As we observe Freedom Day, government needs to consider a lot. What are we celebrating if there is somebody who is not having access to a basic need ? What is there to celebrate?"

Earlier this week, the network took part in a dialogue In Durban about the homeless community’s voting rights. 

The discussion, which included representatives of various political parties, was hosted by the Denis Hurley Centre, an organisation that supports those living on the streets.

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