Have you ever had a 'brain fart' moment?

Have you ever had a 'brain fart' moment?

You can be the smartest person in the room and still experience a 'Brain Fart' moment. There's nothing wrong with that...

A vector illustration of a brain fart
A vector illustration of a brain fart/iStock/memoangeles

What is a brain fart? 

According to Google Dictionary, a brain fart is defined as "a temporary mental lapse or failure to reason correctly".

It seems that brain farts are more common than you might think. Contrary to popular belief, brain farts can happen to anyone, even if you are 'smart'. 

The term smart is quite fallible in that it doesn't guarantee that you always make smart choices or say smart things.  

We found an article on Yahoo that gathered some interesting 'brain farts' from people who considered themselves 'smart' people. 

Check out some of them below: 

"'Not too much ice please, don't wanna water it down.' (It was literally just a cup of ice water.)" (u/kitteh619)

"One time I said I wish I could swim in the air, and my friend said, 'You mean flying?'" (u/Not_AMermaid)

"You hit me in the cervix!' I am a man. I meant sternum. Still have to shake that memory out of my head sometimes." (u/HereticPrime97)

"I made a dentist appointment yesterday. They gave me a date and asked if 10:50 was a good time. I replied with, 'I'm assuming that is 10:50 a.m...'" (u/DustOfTheSaw)

Danny Guselli was brave enough to share some examples with us. 

"Reversing with the sound loud. I have to turn it down."

"On a call and then another call comes in. I freak out and at the moment have no clue what to press." 

We get it, Danny, don't feel bad, we all have those brain fart moments, but we don't always share them openly...

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Image Courtesy of iStock/memoangeles

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