Girl obsessed with her boyfriend is diagnosed with 'Love Brain'

Girl obsessed with her boyfriend is diagnosed with 'Love Brain'

There's being in love and then there's obsession, how do you tell the difference?

A couple wearing sneakers while sitting next to each other on a wall
A couple wearing sneakers while sitting next to each other on a wall/Pexels/Dương Nhân

It's not uncommon to hear stories that speak to the topic of love. 

But being obsessive, clingy, and dependent on your partner isn't what a healthy relationship looks like. 

An 18-year-old girl who got involved with her boyfriend after starting at university became completely obsessed with him. She is said to have contacted him around 100 times a day. 

"The girl, nicknamed Xiaoyu, from Sichuan province in southwestern China, became so obsessed that it severely impacted her mental health and made her boyfriend’s life a misery." (SCMP)

It's not uncommon to hear about people fixating or imprinting on their partners. It is a coping mechanism for many people who are lonely, insecure, or anxious. This behaviour is something of a red flag for people in relationships and can become a toxic trait. 

The young girl badgered him throughout the day and went as far as asking him to share his location with her. 

After calling him around 100 times in one day without an answer, her behaviour took a turn for the erratic. She began throwing things around the house, so he called the police. 

"The boyfriend called the police, who arrived just as she threatened to jump from a balcony. Xiaoyu went to hospital, where she was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder, referred to colloquially as “love brain”." (SCMP)

The doctor said that 'love brain' might exist in correlation with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder and that it may be a result of an unhealthy relationship with a person's parents. 

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