India is such a vibe: Roadside barber shops

India is such a vibe: Roadside barber shops

You wouldn't expect to get a whole facial on the side of the road in India, but you can...

A woman receives a facial on the roadside in India
A woman receives a facial on the roadside in India/Instagram Screenshot/@perspectives.with.andrea

And here we thought that it was only in South Africa that you could get a haircut on the side of the road. 

India is known for its bountiful cultural experiences and many people from different walks of life enjoy visiting this diverse country. 

A travel and lifestyle content creator shared an experience she had in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, India. It was safe to say that she experienced something of a culture shock. But, hey, what's traveling if not to get us out of our comfort zone? 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram

When you are a content creator and open to new experiences, you can meet the most interesting people. Andrea admitted that she had the most "random and funniest" experiences in India. 

She is better than us, trusting someone on the roadside to do a facial isn't quite what we would recommend, we guess it was a "When in India" mindset here. 

Andrea explained that the reason so many men were shocked by her presence at the barber shop was because it was a barber shop and they never received female customers. Seeing a foreign woman sitting in the barber chair was also a cultural experience for the locals. 

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