WATCH: Sisters announce adorable double-pregnancy at wedding

WATCH: Sisters drop double-pregnancy bombshell at wedding

The siblings both had exciting news to share and took advantage of the family celebration to share it.


Announcing baby news is always an exciting thing for any parent to do. It’s important to share massive milestones like bringing life into the world and for Haley and her sister, her wedding day served as the perfect backdrop to share the news.

Hayley and her sister are expecting just two weeks apart and were ecstatic when they broke the news to each other. But, to share the information with their friends and family, the sisters knew that they wanted to go big.

Haley was celebrating another milestone just a few weeks later – her wedding. So, the sisters thought that the celebration would be the perfect place to share their big news.

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Sharing a video on TikTok, Haley explains that she played the ‘shoe game’ with her sister – something everyone thought was rather odd. In the game, a question is asked about the sisters and their dynamic, and the duo answer by holding up the shoe associated with the person they believe best fits the answer. White for Haley and black for her sister.

Captioning the video, "Everyone thought it was weird when I played the shoe game with my sister at her wedding until..." the video shows the sisters answering questions like 'Who takes the longest to get ready?', 'Who is more likely to commit a crime?', and 'Who would last longer on a desert island?'

However, no one was expecting the answer to the question 'Who is pregnant right now?'.

Both women raised their respective shoes as well as a baby scan with the sounds of gasps and celebrations being heard as the crowd finally figured out the bombshell the duo just dropped.


@hahaharls My sister and I had so much fun surprising our families!! 🥰🥳🎉 👯‍♀️#wedding #weddingsurprise #pregnant #pregnancyannouncement

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Naturally, viewers loved how sweet the moment was. "The only acceptable pregnancy announcement at a wedding,” one user said. Another added: "Bro I'm sobbing that was such a great way to announce!!!"

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How did you break your pregnancy news to your friends and family? Let Carol know in the comments section below.

Image courtesy: TikTok

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