Yikes! Groom walks out of wedding, admits marriage was for money

Yikes! Groom walks out of wedding, admits marriage was for money

Moments before saying "I do", a man pulled out of his wedding ceremony after admitting he was only going to get married for his fiancée’s money.


Alicia Imona shared a heartbreaking story about a colleague whose fiancé ran out of their wedding moments before tying the knot. He did so after admitting that he didn’t love her and was only marrying her for her money.

“The wedding looked like it was going to be great! We received very fancy letters in the mail that invited me and my children. We were ecstatic,” Alicia said in a post she shared on Quora.

Alicia adds that not a cent was spared in order to make the venue look as beautiful as possible. “Everyone was dressed nice and the venue was beautiful, it looked as though it must have costed a small fortune to put together.”

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But, behind the scenes, things were deteriorating quickly. “The bride walked down the aisle by herself, her dress busted. The buttons popped and, to make it worse, her makeup was running from how much she was crying,” Alicia shared in the post. “Apparently her dad had bailed and made her walk the isle by herself, then her dress fell apart."

However, that wasn’t even the worst part!

“A few minutes later she came back out, her dress stitched up and went up to the alter. Her soon to-be husband followed, but as they were reading their vows, the husband stopped. He admitted he was just about to marry her for the money, then left. HE LEFT HER AT THE ALTER RIGHT THEN,” Alicia says. “Everyone was asked to file out as so many people were crying and yelling, it was chaos.”

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