Husband refuses to take wife to hospital after she picks sister to be in delivery room

Husband refuses to take wife to hospital after she picks sister to be in delivery room

For many parents to be, the discussion of who gets to be in the delivery room is fairly easy. The husband or partner, right?

Dad and son

Well, evidently the decision is not as easy for some. Readers are reacting to a story of a husband who decided to not take his wife to the hospital for the delivery of their baby.

The reason? Her choice of who would be in the delivery room with her. 

Most people want to have their partner by their side for undoubtedly what is the most important day in their lives, the birth of their child. However, for some mothers, having their mothers, sisters or best friend in the delivery room holding their hand and comforting them could be more calming. 

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Fortunately for some, there are hospitals that allow women to choose to have more than one person in the delivery room with them. Unfortunately for one dad on Reddit, the hospital where his wife was scheduled to give birth does not. 

This after his wife and the mother of his child decided to choose her sister to be inside the delivery room instead of him. 

The dad shared the following on his Reddit post: 

The man admits to being heartbroken from being cut off from an experience that he had been looking forward to.

The man further shares that he had asked his wife if he had done something wrong, as he felt that he had failed as a husband. His wife tried to reassure him by letting him know that was not the case and that she had not made the decision to spite him.

Quite simply, she just feels it would be better to have her sister in the delivery room. Plenty of commentators found the dad's actions (refusal to take her to the hospital) to be over the top and unnecessary. 

Would you be offended if your partner opted for someone else to be in the delivery room?

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