Woman turns her love for Disney into a money-making business

Woman turns her love for Disney into a money-making business

From one sparkly lover to another...

Jessica Fain posing with her rhinestone popcorn bucket
Jessica Fain posing with her rhinestone popcorn bucket/Instagram Screenshot/@faintasticadventures

If there is one thing successful, self-made business owners have in common, it's that they are passionate about the work they do. 

And of course, we agree that that is certainly a key ingredient in being successful at anything. 

This is why when we saw Jessica Fain's story, we wanted it to be something that not only inspired you, but also made you reflect on what it is that you are passionate about.

Jessica paired her love for sparkle and the glitter with her love for all things Disney. It turned out to be a match made in heaven - or in this case, dollars! 

Popcorn buckets are quite popular at Disney World and they have become a big collectible item for fans over the years.  

After covering a popcorn bucket with rhinestones before her trip to Magic Kingdom Disney World, Jessica quickly found that things were aligning for her. Several people approached her asking about where they could get the bucket. 

What started off as a passion project for Disney's 50th anniversary visit, turned into her receiving many inquiries and orders. 

Her Disney art project has earned her thousands of dollars - $40, 000 to be exact. That's more than half a million Rand! 

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According to Business Insider, Jessica attaches more than 4,000 "high-quality glass" rhinestones to each bucket.  The buckets retail for around R4,400 each

Jessica also bedazzles accessories such as sunglasses and Disney headbands. She also makes custom pieces for customers. 

Check out some of her work below. 

Although she uses social media to promote her business, one of her main aims is to promote kindness and connect with others. 

She believes in spreading love and kindness to the next generation. And we guess that that is also a key ingredient when making your entrepreneurial business work - connecting it to help humankind in some way or the other. 

"When I stoned my first bucket I never could have dreamed it would turn into a business, let alone make national news... Always remember, Sparkles are cool, but KINDNESS IS MAGICAL," she wrote on Instagram.

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