South African man wins R60-million jackpot after being dumped

South African man wins R60-million jackpot after being dumped

The end of a relationship can leave you completely heartbroken. For many of us, it takes some time to bounce back, whilst for others, all it takes is a massive lottery win! 

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Just a week ago, a 33-year-old Johannesburg man was nursing his heartbreak after his live-in girlfriend ended their courtship. The man was beside himself with sadness.

It took just a day to turn his mood around, however - from sadness to absolute euphoria.

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The unidentified man, who works in the finance sector, claimed his National Lottery winnings of R60-million!

The man went on further to share the following with regards to his now ex-girlfriend, and whether or not she had reached out since finding out the news: 

Lady luck, hey? 

On what he would do with his new fortune, the Johannesburg winner shared the following: 

On whether or not he would be giving his ex girlfriend a cut of his money?

You never know when your fortune could turn around, KZN! 

We just wish we could all be as fortunate to have such a cushion to help us nurse our heartbreaks...

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