Why I didn't get married... single women with CEO titles doing it for themselves!

Why I didn't get married... single women with CEO titles doing it for themselves!

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Gone are the days where women are expected to be married in their twenties and start a family. We are living through the non-conforming era, the era where we are not just labeled as wife and mother, but CEO. 

Female CEO, to be exact. Boss moves all round...

Not only are we seeing females dominate in the world, but we are also seeing a rise in females conquering the work-life balance. 

As we see many women sharing their luxurious lives on social media, it serves us in the most fulfilling way. It shows such a shift in the way we are living our lives as women in the workplace. That we have somewhat evolved into a space that occupies work and life balance. 

Of course, we see this often with our very own daytime queen, Carol Ofori. We are also seeing the notion of a traditional woman showing us that she is breaking glass boxes and living a non-conventional lifestyle and, guess what, she is happy...

A recent article from Business Insider shares that many Chinese women are flaunting their wealth on social media. Their reasoning? To move away from the social stigma surrounding single women over a certain age. 

Now this is something that isn't just prominent amongst the Chinese community, but amongst many other countries and cultures. In fact, it is very much something that many South African women (from all cultures) face on a daily basis. 

Which is why we loved seeing the abundance of social media videos that cater for the amazing lifestyles that these Female CEOs are living. And that too, without a husband, kids, and the white picket fence... but rather with a healthy body, mind, spirit, and home, all that they have earned for themselves...

Cue background music... 'All my women, independent...'

Check out the videos of some Female CEOs doing it right, courtesy of TikTok:

@nolamutogo Women who grind.#femaleownedbusiness #femaleentreprenuer #ceolifestyle #femaleceoclub #bizbabe #sevenfigurebusiness #smallbusinesschicago ♬ The Assignment - Tay Money

Courtesy of TikTok

@glowwithava my iconic unni 💞 love you Soohyang unni! #femaleceo #justmakesense #shoecloset #louisvuitton ♬ original sound - AVA
@thenehalshah How I spend my mornings as a CEO #ceolife #ceolifestyle #morningroutine #coffeeaddict ♬ original sound - Athletequotez💫
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