#WCW: The author of 'How Does She Do It?', Cindy Norcott, promotes balance

#WCW: The author of 'How Does She Do It?', Cindy Norcott, promotes balance

Cindy Norcott is the founder of The Robin Hood Foundation and has helped many KZNers to date...

#WCW: The author of "How does she do it?" Cindy Norcott shares how to balance everything...
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We celebrate this Woman Crush Wednesday on an uplifting note, with a book from KZN author Cindy Norcott. Cindy isn't just an author, but has many hats in her career. 

She has been an entrepreneur since her early twenties, she is a business coach, an international motivational speaker, and she founded The Robin Hood Foundation. This foundation is well-known to many KZNers, as it has helped thousands and thousands of people. 

Cindy, like many other women in our country and around the world, has to fulfil many roles in their lives. The truth is that sometimes it can get overwhelming, but as our lovely Carol Ofori always says, "It doesn't make you weak to ask for help or accept support."

After all, as the saying goes, 'It takes a village to raise a child'.

Cindy's book, 'How Does She Do It?', is a necessity for the working woman, because it is set out to be a how-to guide on how to accomplish all these roles in the most fulfilling way. 

Cindy is seasoned in many things and even recently shared the stage with one of East Coast Radio's legendary presenters, Jane Linley-Thomas. 

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The book is aimed at women in business or in the corporate world. It is described as a "vulnerable and personal expose of a female entrepreneur trying to balance business, life and family." (Cindy Norcott's Website)

Cindy shares some special advice from her own 28-year journey in business. Listen to the interview between Carol Ofori and Cindy Norcott below. 

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