When your dogs need their own space to chill and you make them a living room...

When your dogs need their own space to chill and you make them a living room...

We want to play house with these furballs....

WATCH: When your dogs need their own space to chill and you make them a mini living room...
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We love a good home interior design, from the wall paper to the placement of the furniture to the cushion styling, it is all about the styling. Especially the couch, choosing a good couch is absolutely integral when it comes to comfort coupled with style. 

And, of course, that's all well and good when it comes to life-sized homes, because we have a variety to choose from. But what about our furry family members, do you let them share your space or is it all about giving them their independence? 

An ER doctor who doubles back as the world's best dog dad on TikTok has shared the level of love he has for his extended family by showing us the personalised miniature living room that he has created for them. 

We love the personal touches and think that this is the cutest thing to start off the week with. A place that they can call their own. 

Peaches, 8, Challah, 8, and Mitzi, 7, have their own living room and it is absolutely gorgeous. 

WATCH the video below that he shared showing off their living room that got 27.2-million views. 

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For those having trouble understanding the size of the room and furniture… ##Goals ##foryou ##foryoupage ##fyp ##cozyathome ##dogs ##dogsoftiktok ##mcm

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We love his design style. We wonder if they each got to choose their own couches...

"Each one of the dogs has their very own couch to lounge on, which Mazer told Insider he got on Wayfair. As a doctor with long hours, Mazer told Insider he wanted to use a spare bedroom he had to enclose the dogs so they wouldn't run around and ruin the furniture in the rest of the house." (Business Insider)

Hmm, so it wasn't just about treating them, it has a sense of practicality to it. 

You can see the scale difference in the below video as he shows part of his living room. 

Courtesy of TikTok:


Do your dogs have one? ##foryoupage ##fyp ##foryou ##Dogs ##Dogsoftiktok ##Blessed ##Goals ##Fancy

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