SEE: This woman booked out all the seats in business class - and it wasn't just for comfort

SEE: This woman booked out all the seats in business class - and it wasn't just for comfort

Would you book out the entire business class for comfort?

SEE: A woman books out the entire business class of the airline

Love comes in all shapes and sizes and when it comes to love, there are no boundaries. Many people find that they connect better with animals than with people, and we have to admit, we love that kind of bond. 

This woman certainly treats her pet dog like family, as should any pet owner, because let's face it, they are part of the family. According to the Asia One website, it is believed that she did not want her pet pooch, Bela, to fly in the last row of the cabin class and so she found a way to fix that. 

The Mumbai-Chennai flight AI671 has 12 business class seats, all of which were reserved by this loaded lady. A Chennai Airport official told ANI that the average price for a business class ticket is Rs 20,000 (roughly R5,000). 

That means the woman spent approximately $4,400 (that's around R60,000) on her travels. (Asia One) The airline also mentioned that it is not uncommon to see other pets ride in the economy class. They have seen the likes of other dogs, hamsters, and cats.

Last June, a 25-year-old woman in Mumbai arranged for a six-seater private jet to fly her pet dogs from Delhi during the pandemic. The entire charter set her back nearly $17,000 (almost R250,000). 

While some may baulk at the travel expenses, another woman whose pets were onboard the same flight told The Print: "I did not care about money. They are like my children. I miss them terribly." (Asia One)

What have you done to treat your pet recently? 

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