"What hit first was the fatigue, I was not ready for that..."

"What hit first was the fatigue, I was not ready for that..."

Five days after testing positing for COVID-19, renowned radio personality David O’Sullivan was not prepared for the debilitating level of fatigue he would experience. 

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Every one of us has experienced the effects of COVID-19, some from personal experience and others having the people closest to them test positive. 

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During the past few weeks, Carol Ofori has been speaking to celebrities who tested positive for the virus. 

One of Carol's radio industry colleagues in the country and an absolute broadcast media legend, David O’Sullivan and his wife, Jacqui, recently recovered from COVID-19. 

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David felt completely normal until he began to feel fatigued and lost his sense of smell and taste. 

In the interview with Carol, David shared that he and his team would not wear masks while working together on air to prevent the sound from being distorted by their masks, but they did maintain social distancing. The virus still found a way to creep in. This led to team member by team member testing positive for the virus. 

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David went for a test as a precaution and he could not believe that he tested positive. 

He shares the funny side behind not being able to smell, let's just say it involves smelling tons of candles to no avail. Listen to the full podcast below:

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