Weekend treats in Durban you have to try out

Weekend treats in Durban you have to try out

What's your flavour, tell me what's your flavour...

Weekend treats in Durban you have to try out...

As we move into the last weekend off for many people returning to work on Monday, and of course our back-to-schoolers, we wanted to share some delish eateries that have been earning a name for themselves in Berea. 

If you are from Durban or still visiting from another city, we think it's vital that you try out at least one of these restaurants before it's time to return to full on work mode. 

Previously known as Cowey Road, Problem Mkhize Road in Berea has become home to some culinary newbies. 

"There’s Smoking Joe’s, the burger joint which originally staked out a claim on the street, now joined by Smoking Mo’s ‒ a pizza parlour. Zaki’s Fish and Chips, more a takeaway, looks interesting and then there’s the Lunch Box and The Junk Yard. There’s also a bakery called Gourmet Station." (IOL)

These bespoke restaurants have all the charm from the old houses that many of them are operating from, not to mention the overarching trees that bring their own charm into the eating experience. 

From burgers to hot dogs, all with a special attention to detail, The Junk Yard is a soulful approach to food. Then there's the Gourmet Station, which is a bakery and coffee shop - we all need one of these in our lives. 

To walk down this road is not just a wonderful experience in terms of the beauty of the homes, the historical trees (imagine the stories they could tell), but now it is also a foodie experience. 

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Have you been to any of these fooderies yet? Let us know which one you would you recommend the most, in the comments section below. 

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