#WCW: World Aids Day - "23 years of knowing my status..." Dr Criselda Kananda

#WCW: World Aids Day - "23 years of knowing my status..." Dr Criselda Kananda

So many of us have forgotten about HIV and AIDS since the COVID-19 pandemic started...

#WCW: World Aids Day, "23 years of knowing my status..." Dr. Criselda Kananda
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Carol Ofori got the opportunity to chat to a woman who we are totally crushing on. She not only breathes words of wisdom and encouragement, but she has also been through such a decorated journey. 

Dr Criselda Kananda, who has been living with HIV for 23 years, shares bits of her journey with us on the show. And in a matter of seconds she is able to capture the world with her passionate and sensible real-talk. 

She speaks not just from experience, but from a place of strength. She chooses to talk from a stance of human rights as opposed to an advocate of AIDS. Dr Kananda touched on the mental state of mind and how it's important to talk amongst the family. 

Her book, 'You Are Never Alone', shares the message of communicating as a family. Touching on her childhood, she explains why she ran away as a seven-year-old and talks about being molested by a 'trusted' neighbour.

Listen to her interview with Carol Ofori below. 

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If you would like to get your hands on the book, you can order it from www.positivetalk.co.za or email, [email protected] 

Thank you for challenging our ways of thinking about the virus this World Aids Day, Dr Kananda, and for being such an amazing woman to look up to...

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