#WCW: Kelly Maharaj, creating beautiful lingerie for plus size women and promoting body positivity

#Unshaken: PMB mom is creating lingerie for plus size women and promoting body positivity

Kelly Maharaj, the owner and creative entrepreneur of 'Creamy Curves', a plus size sleepwear brand, is our Woman Crush Wednesday this week.

#WCW: Kelly Maharaj, a PMB mother creating beautiful lingerie for plus size women and promoting body positivity
Kelly Maharaj

We first came into contact with Kelly Maharaj when she shared a beautiful story with us about her six-year-old son, Reese. He wanted to use the money that he received for his birthday to buy his granny a car. Of course, it was just R50 and he just wanted to be a good grandson and make sure his gran was safe, as she had been experiencing car trouble. 

From first glance we could see that Kelly was a smart, hip, attentive mother. She wanted to share her son's story with the world to help them remember the good and the innocence that children bring into our lives. So when we found out that she is also an ambassador for body positivity, women empowerment, and has an entrepreneurial side to her, we had to celebrate her for one of our Woman Crush Wednesdays

Kelly found a gap in the market when it came to sleepwear and lingerie for plus sized women. She has always been passionate about making other women feel good and uplifting their spirits. So building a fashion brand that helped women feel and look good, fitted in with her purpose. 

She then decided to take a leap and start her own brand, and then came the birth of "Creamy Curves". In honour of celebrating Women's Month, she has shared a personalised discount with us, allowing any customer to receive a 25% discount on any item purchased within the month of August.

Supporting other local businesses is just as important to her as uplifting women, and encouraging body positivity with her brand. She has opened up her social media platforms to offer other women who have their own small businesses a chance to advertise their services for free. 

It really shows us working hand in hand when we see small local businesses helping lead the community in a positive way. With the recent unrest, we know that it hasn't been easy but women showing women support and upliftment is what we love being a part of. 

Thank you, Kelly Maharaj, for being one of those women and we salute you this Woman Crush Wednesday!

You can contact Kelly on her website: www.creamycurves.com

Instagram: @creamy_curves1

WhatsApp: 069 884 0798

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Image Courtesy of Kelly Maharaj

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