#WCW: Carol Ofori's greatest achievement for 2022, her SOVAS Voice Arts Award

#WCW: Carol Ofori's greatest achievement for 2022, her SOVAS Voice Arts Award

Our daytime diva has been recognised for her amazing voice artistry...

Carol Ofori leaning on a chair smiling
Carol Ofori leaning on a chair smiling/Carol Ofori

As we rounded off the year's content, we asked Carol Ofori to share her greatest achievement of 2022, and this is what she said. 

"I will let you know on the 19th of December..." 

You see, she received a nomination for Best African Voiceover in an outstanding commercial recently. 

The international voiceover nomination was with SOVAS, which is the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences. And it is indeed a great honour. 

And just as we thought she would, she won the award! 

We know her as our daytime diva, but she is also a well-established voice over artist with many accolades behind her name. 

Besides releasing her children's book collection, ‘The African Adventures of Sena and Katlego’, being nominated for a Radio Award, and a host of other accomplishments for 2022, she now holds this prestigious voice award.  

We asked her to share how she felt after hearing the wonderful news and this is what she had to say. 

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To hear that this award was previously won by well renowned actors such Sigourney Weaver, James Earl Jones and Rosario Dawson doesn't just make it more prestigious though. 

All it does is acknowledge the talent and skill that Carol Ofori exhibits in all areas of her career. 

Her words knock deep as we end of the year with a bang, but more than that it sets us up for a wonderfully inspired 2023!

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