Carol Ofori nominated for Best African Voiceover at International SOVAS

Carol Ofori nominated for Best African Voiceover at International SOVAS

What an accomplishment to be recognised internationally for her strong, smooth, and scintillating voice...

Carol Ofori with a mic
Carol Ofori with a mic/Instagram Screenshot/@CarolOfori

You know what they say: the more you give, the more you get. 

And just as our daytime queen decided to impart some valuable tips on how to get into the voiceover industry, the universe decided to pay her back.

Carol Ofori shared that she is always getting bombarded with DMs on how to become a voiceover artist. 

So, in the spirit of giving, she put together some helpful tips for budding voiceover artists. 

Considering that when she started, the means of the internet and access to training was minimal, so she had to take the reins herself and learn along the way. 

Providing others with tips from her personal experience is not only extremely valuable, but also something of a prized honour. 

It was recently announced that Carol Ofori has received a nomination for Best African Voiceover in an outstanding commercial. 

The international voiceover nomination is with SOVAS, which is the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences. 

And this is a prime example of how working hard, taking critique as constructively as possible, and staying consistent in your skillset, can help you reap the rewards.

Carol Ofori nominated for the SOVAS award.
Carol Ofori nominated for the SOVAS award. Image: ECR

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As a team, we wanted to take this opportunity to wish our daytime queen all the best with her nomination. 

We know that you will win, and regardless, we hope you remember that you are a winner to the people of KZN. 

Your voice certainly calms, soothes, and comforts our African hearts. 

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