#WCW: A 10-year-old standing up against bullies with her book, 'Enough! Stop Bullying'

#WCW: A 10-year-old standing up against bullies with her book, 'Enough! Stop Bullying'

Siyavuya Mabece is a pure inspiration!

Woman Crush Wednesday is Siyavuya Mabece
Ten-year-old Siyavuya Mabece with her book on bullying/Instagram Screenshot/@siyavuya_mabece

Bullying occurs in all types of environments. Whether it occurs at school, work or online (cyber bullying), the effects can be detrimental. But we are inspired by people who enforce change, the people of action in society are who we want to be around...

And one such young woman is ten-year-old Siyavuya Mabece. After having to comfort a friend who had been bullied, she was inspired to create some change with her peers. 

Her mission has been to help her peers who are bullied, teach those who are bullying why they should not be bullying, and also help parents support their children who are being bullied. 

This young but definitely wise lady was inspired to author a book that helped spread the message of what bullying can do to a person. 

"Siyavula, with the help of her parents - mom Ncebakazi Mabece and dad Zwelakhe Mabece - family and close friends put their heads together to help fulfil her dream of publishing her book titled, Enough! Stop Bullying." (News24)

Siyavula shares some key details about what the book offers to News24 and said: "It helps my peers to identify what is a bully, the signs, why people become bullies, how bullying can affect you, how to stop a bully, and how other children can play their part in stopping bullying." 

Many a time, we forget that bullies become bullies because perhaps at some point they have been bullied themselves. But no one takes the time to help them heal from their traumas, they are simply labeled as 'bad' and that's that...

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But this young girl is definitely beyond her years in wisdom. Her book, 'Enough! Stop bullying!', caters for children and their parents using activities that will help them learn how to handle being bullied and also helps bullies deal with their issues. 

She certainly has all the makings of a leader and is so articulate. We loved her appearance on 'Morning Live' on SABC. Watch her passionately speak about her book below, courtesy of YouTube.

We are certainly proud to be celebrating her this woman crush Wednesday. We look forward to seeing more from her and we are sure that her book is going help lots of people who have been bullied, as well as people that have turned to bullying. 

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