The way to an Indian girl's heart is...

The way to an Indian girl's heart is...

Ask anyone, potatoes are the key to any Indian girl's heart...

Potatoes beside a stainless steel cooking pot
Potatoes beside a stainless steel cooking pot/Pexels/@Pixabay

Don't get it twisted, it's not just any potato that can win a girl's heart...

It's a certain kind of potato. In particular, an 'up-to-date' potato. 

A Durban foodie, Verushka Ramasami aka the Spice Goddess Eats on Instagram, shared a 'Public Service Announcement' recently.

And it warranted being shared with everyone considering the humble potato. 

Watch her public service announcement, courtesy of Instagram

The price of potatoes has fluctuated over the last few years.

Ask any woman who cooks with potatoes and she will tell you if it's not UTD or Up-to-date, then don't buy it. 

But over the years, we have found farmers also growing soft-cooking potatoes which are also referred to as 'gravy soakers'. 

It seems that Verushka Ramasami was ecstatic to find a 2kg bag of UTD potatoes for R50. Again, ask your aunty and she will tell you she can get it cheaper from the market...

Nevertheless, a good cook only cooks with the best produce, so which would you rather have, a pocket of potatoes with a valid UTD promise or a pocket with the chance of soft cooking?

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