WATCH: A woman matches with her teacher on Tinder

WATCH: A woman matches with her teacher on Tinder

What would you do if you matched with a former teacher? 

WATCH: A woman matches with her 8th grade teacher on Tinder
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Looking for love can be a tricky affair, to say the least. Putting yourself out there takes lots of courage. But then besides all that, there is the risk of rejection and worse than that, there is the risk that there are social predators out there. 

These predators don't have your best interests at heart and have negative intentions. So when you put yourself out there, especially on dating applications, there is a strong chance that you may come across people that have ill intentions. 

When a young woman shares that she matched with her 8th grade history teacher from school, it brought up all kinds of warning signs. Not just for her but also for others who could potentially match with him on Tinder, too...

She shared the pic to her TikTok page saying that he is definitely lying about his age. And then the comments came in hard and fast. People were concerned at the fact that he was obviously interested in an age group that was not appropriate. 

WATCH the video below (courtesy of TikTok):


and he’s def lying about his age LOL

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Many commenters requested that she show his face, and she teased saying that if the video reached more than a million views she would share his face. 

The video has gained more than two-million views but she has not released his pic. Do you recall that saying, that curiosity killed the cat? Well, we think as much as that is a good marketing tactic, it is better that she didn't share it. Considering it would open him up to a whole can of worms...

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